Create your click-to-talk page

Now available for download on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play Store

DownHow you can use it

DownHow it works

1. Click

Anyone with a PC, tablet or smartphone can receive your web address and instantly click on it.

2. Look

Your personalized click-to-talk page will immediately open and show the picture, wallpaper and text you chose to profile.

3. Talk

You receive the free calls and text directly on your smartphone.

DownHow to get it

Create your own web address

Creating your own personal link is easy; just download the app and choose the (alphanumeric) wording you wish to appear on your link (e.g. it’s easy to remember and share like an email address.

Customize your personal page

Choose any text, graphics, or image to profile what you want on your web page. You can preview it and change it any time. The page will appear simple and elegant.

Share and say hello!

Your Mtalk web address is a a link so you can add it to your email signature or share it easily with your friends and contact through any post or social network.

Other features

Talk & text for free among Mtalk users

In 3G and Wi-Fi
Excellent audio quality


Call any phone number at incredible rates

Pay per seconds
No connection charges
Avoid roaming charges


Add a number to your smartphone

Add a local or international number
to your smartphone
Avoid roaming charges